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Private Cloud Hosting


Tier-4 Private Cloud Hosting environment, in conjunction with Formula One Data Solutions,
offers your organization the highest-level of security and performance.
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Formula One Data Solutions Private Cloud Benefits

Key Benefits:

Cost Effective
24/7/365 Access: “Always On”
Improved Mobility
Business Continuity

Cost Effective:

One of the most significant benefits private cloud service offers is the considerable savings to IT operational expenditures. By moving to the Formula One Data Solutions private cloud, you are able to save substantial capital and operating costs through reduction in expenses such as, equipment cost, staffing, and infrastructure. Further savings can be realized on hardware, software, licensing, and renewal fees. This immediate reduction in both capital and operating costs provides your organization an exceptional ROI!

24/7/365 Access:

Formula One Data Solutions private cloud offers Anytime, Anywhere Access to your data, programs, applications, or anything stored within the cloud. Access is available to any web-enabled device, at any time, and from virtually any location. “Always On” means you can be assured cloud services are supporting your organization and protecting your information 24/7/365. We have a proven 20+ year history of maintaining a 99.9% uptime and proud to say the connection is “Always On”.


Formula One Data Solutions private cloud allows your organization the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in markets, technologies, or changing business objectives. Flexibility is key to business growth and supports real-time requirements for variations in storage and operational changes. This flexibility also allows your organization the ability to continue to add custom tools and features to support continued revenue growth without any concerns about running out of space.


Another Key benefitcloud services can deploy quick adjustments to support any such variation. Cloud services can be easily changed to support your organizations changing requirements and can seamlessly adapt to future growth without expensive changes to your existing systems.

Improved Mobility:

Cloud-based mobility solutions and services can simplify mobility complexity, lower IT costs, and achieve:
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Seamless integration with back-end systems
  • Improve insights to make real-time decisions
  • Minimize back-end processes
  • Ability to access information off-line
Improved mobility helps to elevate service levels and increase productivity. Cloud-based mobility solutions are quick to deploy, easily upgraded and easy to integrate with existing backend systems.

Enhanced Security:

Formula One Data Solutions private cloud security requirements adhere to the industry’s Top-level Security Standards and Best Practices to ensure your organizations data is protected at all times. Security protocols are based on a layered approach which includes data encryption, key management, strong access controls, and security intelligence. In addition, internal security audits are performed on a regular-bases, and we are SOC II Certified and PCI Compliant.

Business Continuity:

Formula One Data Solutions private cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions are an essential component to any comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity strategy. In the event of a disaster, be it natural or technical, you can be confident your organizations data is protected and can be restored in a timely manner to ensure business continues without any disruption. We use the most comprehensive IT resources, run redundant servers to ensure data is backed up, and safeguard data in secured locations to avoid any downtime. Data is secure, and operations are kept running smoothly and without interruption to ensure business continuity.